Postcards from Germany (2001)

Postcards from Germany is inspired by David's trip to Germany and the surrounding areas. To quote David... "I had always pictured Germany as a dark, industrial country. I couldn't have been more wrong. Germany is a land of wonders, filled to capacity with ancient castles and cathedrals. There were days we felt like we were exploring a fairy-tale land; a strange, storybook world, where everything was bigger and more fantastic. After we arrived back in the States, I found my mind returning again to Germany. Before long, I began to put some of my favorite memories to music, trying to capture, in some small way, the moments that made the biggest impact on me. That's how this album, a collection of musical 'postcards', came to be."

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Album Reviews...
Delightful Little Surprises at Every Turn...

"“Postcards From Germany” is a collection of fourteen solo piano pieces inspired by a trip to Germany that David Nevue and his wife took a few years ago. Most of the tracks are quietly poetic, offering musical glimpses of places and experiences encountered on the trip. There are no polkas or beer-garden romps, but rather the subtle beauty of the countryside and the explorations of castles and cathedrals. This is David Nevue’s sixth CD, and his artistry grows with each new release. The title track carries a feeling of setting out on a new adventure, full of anticipation and hope. “Wonderland” is a gorgeous piece that has an easy, contented sense of peace and serenity. It evokes images of gently falling snow or a meadow full of wildflowers and the gentlest of breezes. “In God’s Hands” offers a sense of surrender and a willingness to let go of control. A deeply religious man, Nevue often composes about his spiritual life. Sometimes these compositions are a bit turbulent (as on “The Vigil”), but this piece is tranquil and serene. Nevue mentions in the liner notes that he and his wife were impressed at how often both of them strongly felt the presence of God during their travels, and this comes across in several of the pieces. “The Kindness of Strangers” is a warm and happy “thank you” to a stranger who led the couple out of a mountain snowstorm and took them in for the night. “The Walled City” is probably my favorite track on this CD. It is a little bigger, moodier, and more complex. There is a mysterious feeling as well as a sense of sadness. It is an especially beautiful and evocative piece. “Castle Hunting” is lighthearted and reminds me a little of some of Robin Spielberg’s compositions. It suggests the fun of exploring something new and finding delightful little surprises at every turn. “Postcards From Germany” is an excellent CD, and I recommend it very highly"

- Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications

Customer Comments...

Wow, uses picardy third so fluently.
Racing the Northern Lights has such a major to minor mood that it keeps your attention automatically. Then Wonderland suddenly illuminates a modern adagio that is so bittersweet and quasi heroic. One Night at Mozart's is introspective and so in character, yet not a Mozart copycat style. Recording quality is fine and like being there. Would love to hear this guy live! Castle Hunting is type of melody you can't stop hearing, and modulates up a step. Would be a nice song for lyrics!

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