How to Book David Nevue for a Concert

David Nevue Concert Photo

OK, Here's the Scoop!

I am taking an extended break from touring and performing. I am in a season of life where I need and want to stay close to home. I have booked a couple of shows here and there, but they are pretty few and far between for the moment.

If you have an opportunity to offer that you think is just TOO GOOD for me to pass up (like playing for hundreds/thousands of people, a televised event, financial compensation that is too good to not consider) drop me an email at with your proposal. Let me know where you're located and what you have in mind. I will certainly listen and take into consideration the possibility of playing major events. If the timing is right, who knows?

But as for small shows... house concerts for a small group of people, concerts for churches, those kinds of things... for now I'm staying close to home.

If you have any questions, email me at