Revelation: Solo Piano for Prayer & Worship (2009)

During the recording sessions for David’s hymns CD, Adoration, David spent time improvising on a number of contemporary worship melodies. Revelation is the result. Revelation contains five new hymn arrangements, four original songs and improvisations on ten modern worship classics. Includes Here I Am to Worship, Sing Hallelujah, Amazing Love (You are My King), More Love More Power, A Shield About Me and others. 19 tracks in all make this David's longest album yet! Over 70 minutes of music. Recorded at the famous Piano Haven studio in Seattle, WA.

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Album Liner Notes by David Nevue...

The story of Revelation begins with my previous album, Adoration, a collection of solo piano hymn arrangements. Recording Adoration was an awesome experience, unlike any recording project I’d done before. For the first time, I recorded an album in a home - in a friend’s “living room” studio - and I had the place all to myself. It was the perfect environment for recording; quiet, secluded, and free of distractions. All my attention could be focused on the creative process; spending time alone at the piano, praying for guidance, playing the hymns, reading my Bible and worshipping God.

During that week-long session for Adoration, a wonderful, unexpected thing happened. I spent a lot of time improvising at the piano, something I had never done before while working on an album project. Melodies of some of my favorite contemporary worship tunes came to mind, and when they did I hit the “record” button and started to play. Over the course of those few days, arrangements took shape for songs like “You Are My Hiding Place,” “The Steadfast Love of the Lord,” “How Deep the Father's Love for Us,” “Sing Hallelujah,” “Softly and Tenderly” and one of my favorites, “In the Shadow of Your Wings.”

At one point, I decided to work on the praise song “A Shield About Me.” I played the first chord and made a mistake right away, but instead of stopping, I continued on. What unfolded amazed me. It was a complete song - a NEW song - out of the blue and without any plan or forethought. My “mistake” turned into a work of grace. I was thrilled. Never before had I captured a complete improvisation in a recording. I named the tune “The Mystery and the Glory,” and it appears on this album exactly as it was first performed. One take, no edits, no changes. Just the music and emotion as it happened in that moment.

We artists often say that music is given to us by God, and that certainly is true. But what happens is more than that. We experience the feeling that the music is somehow borne through us, that rather than playing the instrument, we BECOME the instrument. When that happens, it’s a powerful thing... and humbling as well. For me, improvisation is the ultimate expression of faith through worship; to let go completely, to trust, to let the Holy Spirit move and then give God the glory when the beauty of that musical prayer is revealed. But that process – and how it all comes about – is a complete mystery to me.

By the end of my week-long recording session, I had twenty-four completed tunes; fifteen hymn arrangements for the Adoration album and nine improvised songs I never planned or expected to record. Those nine extra songs meant I was just a few songs away from having enough music to release yet another album. I was stoked!

While Adoration was an album of hymn arrangements, the new “surprise” album was leaning heavily toward contemporary worship music. Knowing this, there were a few songs I really wanted to include; “Here I Am to Worship,” “More Love, More Power,” “Your Holiness Surrounds Me” and “Amazing Love (You Are My King)” were all modern worship classics I wanted to try my hand improvising on. In addition, there were some rather upbeat hymn arrangements I didn’t finish in time for Adoration that I wanted to record and release. Those included a fiery take on “Holy, Holy, Holy,” an almost jazzy “Blessed Assurance,” a joyful “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty” and a stirring rendition of “A Mighty Fortress is Our God.” Once I completed work on those arrangements, I returned to the “living room” studio to record not only the four new hymns, but also improvisations on the aforementioned worship tunes.

While in the studio, I also recorded three original songs. “The Lion and the Lamb” is a piece I wrote years ago for a solo piano presentation of the “Passion Play.” It’s a favorite composition of mine, and I’m happy the song has found a home on this album. “Your Word” is a worship song written by my friend Allison Long. I just love the tune, and thought it worked out great as a solo piano arrangement. Finally, I’ve included “Awake to the Light,” a sweet, blissful melody I wrote as an introduction to “Softly and Tenderly.” I liked the song so much, I decided to split it off and give it a life of its own.

This project has been a wonderful journey of musical surprises. Revelation is unlike any of my other albums in that a good portion of it is improvised. Of the nineteen songs on the album, thirteen were recorded without any real forethought of what they would become. I just sat down at the piano, played these songs of praise and let the arrangements come to life over the course of a few takes.

Life is (or should be) like musical improvisation; only in life we don’t call it “improvisation,” we call it “faith.” If we move past our doubt, put our trust in Jesus and let the Holy Spirit move, through prayer, submission and supplication something glorious will happen. If we do make a “mistake” along the way, we shouldn’t be discouraged. Instead, stand back in awe and watch how God takes that mistake and turns it into a beautiful, unexpected melody.

By His grace we play on.

- David Nevue, September 2009

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Industry Reviews...

"Revelation was birthed during the recording of pianist David Nevue’s last CD, Adoration. Unlike the latter’s arrangements of traditional hymns, on Revelation the artist operates in a more improvisational mode and mines more contemporary "worship music." He’s also included three original compositions. What will surprise most listeners (as it did me) is the amount of musical variety present on this album. Nevue traverses every conceivable mood, tempo, and style—uptempo, celebratory, reflective, nostalgic—with influences running from New Age to jazz, blues, and classical. Nevue’s playing has never been better, and this CD is a must-have for both your spiritually-inclined and secular customers alike."

- Bill Binkelman, New Age Retailer

"Revelation: Solo Piano for Prayer & Worship is the follow-up to David Nevue's 2007 release Adoration. Where Adoration was mostly Nevue's arrangements of traditional hymns, Revelation is made up mostly of improvisations on hymns and contemporary praise songs plus three Nevue originals. What is especially interesting is that just a few years ago, Nevue was not entirely comfortable with his improvisational skills. Recording the album in Joe Bongiorno's Piano Haven Studio was so comfortable for Nevue that he just relaxed and let the music flow. The results are spectacular and nearly as personal as an album of original compositions. Revelation contains a whopping nineteen tracks and a running time of more than 70 minutes, but there is no filler or any weak tracks - a great album from start to finish!

I obviously don't have the space to tell you about all nineteen tracks, so I'll pick some highlights. "Revelation" begins with a rousing version of "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God." Energetic with a catchy bass rhythm, this arrangement oveflows with joy. "Sing Hallelujah" is one of my favorites. Very dark and introspective, the deep emotions expressed communicate in a very personal way. "Softly and Tenderly" is almost fragile in its delicacy - lovely! "In the Shadow of Your Wings" is also very dark and searching, but then "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty" swings the mood all the way back up to joyful and optimistic. "The Mystery and the Glory" is the first of Nevue's originals on this album, and was recorded as it was being created - there are no edits or changes. Very thoughtful and very comfortable, it's a deeply personal beauty! One of the surprises is "Blessed Assurance," a very traditional hymn transformed into a semi-jazz interpretation. Light and carefree, it's a great arrangement that dances with joy. "Your Word" is a worship song written by David's friend Allison Long, and his solo piano arrangement is soulful and stirring. "Holy Holy Holy" is another standard hymn made fresh and new with improvisation and a joyful state of mind - an energetic delight! "The Lion and the Lamb" is a song Nevue wrote years ago and a favorite composition of his. Gentle and loving, it's a wonderful piece! "Amazing Love (You Are My King)" has a quiet but passionate message that reaches deep into the heart. "The Steadfast Love of the Lord" serves as a peaceful benediction to close this inspiring and heartfelt album. Very highly recommended!"

- reviewed by Kathy Parsons, for, on 5/14/2010

"David Nevue is a composing Solo Pianist where some comparisons have been made to other pianists in the solo category for years. Those truly familiar with David accept the fact his personalized Neo Classical melodies shed new light on Spiritual piano music while instilling a deeper meaning apart from many by their innermost reverence. It is true that in addition to his individual concert appearances David who resides with his family in Oregon, has often shared the stage with comparable great talents like David Lanz, Wayne Gratz, Suzanne Ciani, Peter Kater, and a multitude of solo performers, so perhaps a reason some comparisons of his work are made.

Another reason could be the way up in the clouds airplay since his music is heard on over 220 radio, satellite and internet programs worldwide. Overcome is a prior album named Best Instrumental Piano Album of 2005 in the Lifestyle Music Awards and Adoration, which also features traditional hymn arrangements reached #1 on ZMR charts in May 2008, highlighting the integral popularity of his music.

In relation to his music career David also authored the book How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet and founded the educational Music Biz Academy website that helps independent musicians market then advance their individual music careers. David also founded the free internet based Whisperings : Solo Piano Radio program having nearly a million listeners each month. Coinciding like an open ministry of personal faith, Revelation:Solo Piano for Prayer & Worship is an offertory album of 19 intimate peaceful songs of beauty within, given the honored hymns of worship that persons with or without their own personal inner beliefs will enjoy.

Revelation : Solo Piano for Prayer & Worship contains 5 new hymn arrangements, 4 original songs and improvisations on 10 modern worship classics and is David's eleventh release with a rededicated focus on melodic piano music offering a deep spiritual structure. Revelation is much like past albums by original content and inclusion of new compositions on age old song hymns from centuries past where church attendees from many religious faiths will recognize in the first few measures.

David Nevue has a limited degree of formal music studies so recites much of his songs from memory, but believe me this is not apparent when you witness the beautiful music granted to this devout Christian man also identified by a skillful aptitude in his composing abilities and creative spirit while performing his personalized music. You will discover that David offers his hymns like an open book with a nice variety of thought and feel on each song he performs. "Softly and Tenderly" is shown in a like reverence by an emotion filled call during the gentle yet moving piano melody that is more than worthy of this ages old hymn.

"Blessed Assurance" is an onward moving testament by the lively melody set in a moderately faster tempo that reveals the resolute nature of his work. "Holy, Holy, Holy" is a lighter piano improvisation validating the positive hallmarks of the holy trinity and "Amazing Love ( You Are My King )" is a more introspective song of tribute and another positive affirmation for the melodies of honor he steadfastly produces. David's version of this Contemporary Christian music hymn is serene by an inner reflection that stands apart from most modern versions and at the same time, celebrates his faithful commitment to Solo Piano music exalting a beautiful reverence overfilled with joyful praise".

- reviewed by John P. Olsen, for on 11/13/2010

"Lifestyle Music Award-winning and New Age Reporter chart-topping pianist David Nevue's latest collection of solo piano recordings was deeply inspired by his Christian faith. The good news is that you don't have to be a Christian to enjoy and appreciate his talents for composition, arrangement, and performance.

Revelation provides a generous sampling of hymnal standards given a unique spin by Nevue, as well as some of his own originals. No familiarity with the covers is needed to enjoy them because, as is the case with any good work of art, regardless of their inspiration, they are simply beautiful pieces of music.

Christian or not, most people, especially baby boomers, might be familiar with the opening track, "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God," since it was the theme for the 1950s claymation television series Davey and Goliath. Nevue doesn't play it exactly like the original, but the tune is recognizable enough that it's a kick to hear Nevue's own interpretation of it. Nevue also provides a kind of hipster sensibility for "Blessed Assurance," which is comparable to Vince Gauraldi's jazzy treatment of "Oh Christmas Tree" on A Charlie Brown Christmas. The most stirring original composition on the album is "The Mystery and the Glory," the title of which is very indicative of the feel of the track and serves as an appropriate and effective contemplation of anything the listener might find mysterious and glorious.

The only people I can think who could really take issue with these covers are Christian fundamentalists, who might view Nevue's liberties with the material as sacrilegious. That would be absurd because, as storied and steeped in tradition as they are, these standards were written by mere mortals after all.

The subtitle indicates that these recordings are for prayer and meditation, and they are thus useful for such purposes by people of any faith, creed, or persuasion. Regardless of the muse or context in which they are created, good works of art allow people to create their own context for how they receive them, thus ensuring the universal appeal of such art. David Nevue's incomparable and unquestionable talents as demonstrated on his superb new release fit the bill perfectly."

- reviewed by Raj Manoharan for The RajMan Review on 9/3/2010

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"This is THE most peaceful and soothing music I have ever heard. I especially like to listen to it on my way to and from work. No matter what kind of day you've had, it is a great way to restore your inner peace as you make the drive home."

"Highly recommend this CD to anyone who enjoys the serenity and peacefulness of the piano. David Nevue has taken these beautiful hymns and added his own special touch to them. David is truly blessed with a God-given talent. Nevue also makes the sheet music available for purchase for many of these pieces on his web site."

"David Nevue's Revelation is moving and reverent. Great backdrop for quiet time with God and moments of reflection and meditation.

"Bought this for a friend after listening to a few "preview" songs on the computer, and then ran out and bought myself a CD as well. This is quite worshipful and offers peace after a hectic day. The artist plays so you hear the words in the piano-only orchestration and the affect is gentle worship."

"This album is my favorite recommendation. David's music reaches out to us, saying that God doesn't drive, He leads. He doesn't starve, He feeds. He doesn't abuse, He affirms. He doesn't confuse, He confirms. He doesn't quit, He remains.God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. God doesn't deplete, He sustains. For God's sufficiency is our portion, in every need we face. David gets a perfect high of five stars, and hope that's the highest, for his music not only reaches out to us, but is offered to our Lord Almighty, Most High, Jesus Christ, our Saviour!"

"I bought this to play in the car. My husband is a worship leader in the church, he immediately confiscated it and is using it to play before church starts. So that shows you how good it is."

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