The Tower (1992)

The Tower is a powerful, dramatic solo piano soundtrack to the original short story of the same name, also penned by the artist. The CD booklet includes the story in its entirety. A new and interesting musical twist on a classic fable turned into a clever analogy of the Christian faith.

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"Join the storyteller of song and prose as he takes you on a journey of betrayal, hatred, love and hope within the lives of a prince, princess, knight and king. The characters in this fairy tale kingdom... connect the majestic, sometimes hauntingly romantic ten pieces Nevue performs. Wonderfully pleasant listening whether occupied or focused."

- Heartsong Review

"The Tower is a promising debut by pianist/storyteller David Nevue. The album features a rich piano sound, interesting passages and a clever analogy of the Christian faith."

- Jeff Johnson/Ark Records

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The Assimilation has unconventional penatonic harmony that intrigues!
Just listen to the modal harmonies througout. I am hearing Voice in the Wilderness. So forlorn with those tonic, supertonic and other harmonies. Then Light has this surprise B section that contrasts so well to the gloom. He can deliver the bittersweets too!