Whisperings: The Best of David Nevue 1985-2000 (2001)

Whisperings, the Best of David Nevue contains fan favorites from his first four albums, The Vigil, The Last Waking Moment, While the Trees Sleep and The Tower.

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Album Reviews...
Reflects the Strength and Surrender of Profound Faith...

"'Whisperings' is a 'best of' collection of fifteen piano solos from David Nevue's first four albums (1985-2000) and two previously unreleased pieces. Nevue's playing and composing styles are pensive and deeply personal, but communicate clearly to the listener in a gentle musical language. Often thoughtful and introspective, Nevue's work tends to be positive without being sugary, and reflects the strength as well as the surrender of profound faith. Nevue occasionally polls his listeners from his web site about what their favorite pieces are, and such a poll was done to help in the selection of which pieces to include in this collection (similar polls are done from time to time to help decide which pieces to release in sheet music form). The four albums that are represented are 'The Tower' (1992), 'While the Trees Sleep' (1995), 'The Last Waking Moment' (1997), and 'The Vigil' (2000). Although the pieces are not in chronological order, it is very interesting to hear how this artist has developed over the years. Most of the selections are original compositions, but a few are arrangements; those are 'A Turn to Grace,' which evolves into a lovely setting of 'Amazing Grace,' 'I Wonder As I Wander' by John Jacob Niles, and the classic hymn 'Be Thou My Vision.' A few of my own favorites are 'No More Tears,' 'The Vigil,' 'Psalm 77,' 'Ascending With Angels,' and 'The Night Season.' If you are new to David Nevue's work, this is an outstanding introduction. If you have his previously released albums, this is a really nice 'cream of the crop' collection. 'Whisperings' is available from davidnevue.com and amazon.com."

- Kathy Parsons, Solo Piano Publications

Customer Comments...

Music for the Soul
This CD was my first experience with David and how glad I am to have found him. His sound is powerful and touches our hearts in places we didn't know still existed.

Like Winston, but with Dynamics!
He sure has sensitive dynamics as demonstrated in Psalm 77. Had my own fingers smacked for that a few times. Well he can be suttle and for me that was the hardest part of it. It just comes out sounding so easy. Can't wait to hear more.

Terrific solo piano artist
Beautiful solo piano music; if you like artists like George Winston, Liz Story, Dave Eggar, and Alex Grant, this CD is an absolute must.

Soothing, lovely, soul-stirring
This CD is my first introduction to David's music, and it is really amazing! The music will take you on a journey into the depths of your spirit if you allow it to do so. Thought-provoking, skillfully composed and with an incredible amount of introspection and passion, this is a treasure of an album that you will enjoy tremendously. Try it!

Refreshing smooth and so peaceful to listen to. Sets the mood for a quiet time..

A fine collection of a great solo-style artist
TWhisperings is a collection of vivid imagery and stories done in an instrumental form, as performed by a superb pianist. An artist and writer that gets the listener lost in his own world, as David creates the scene and setting. The recordings has been clearly preserved for this collection with outstanding tone and resilliance.

The most soothing, beautiful music I've ever heard...
David Nevue is the most gifted piano player I've ever heard. I love this CD. I can't seem to listen to it enough! This is the CD I play when I'm reading my Bible, or cleaning the house or trying to fall asleep at night. It is simply beautiful. God has certainly gifted David! Don't debate one second over whether to buy this CD...buy it, and get one for a friend too! :)

Masterpiece collection!
If you're not sure exactly what to expect from an artist like David Nevue (or any solo pianist for that matter), this is a great place to start. Practically every song chosen for this greatest hits CD is a memorable gem and encompass all of Nevue's first 4 albums very evenly. So you'll get a little taste of everything here. If you're looking for a great instrumental artist (and a Christian one no less), look no further! Here is your answer.

I just love this CD. I listen to it all the time and even my family asked about it. Its moving notes puts me at peace.

Fresh moving style
Very moving style. Fresh relaxing approach to a more spiritual side of life. Great discovery!

Wonderfully, relaxing original music
I bought this CD having never heard the artist at all, but was wonderfully surprised. It has been in my CD player ever since. I highly recommend this CD. Hope you will be pleasantly surprised also.

Peaceful music for a hectic world. Just what the doctor ordered.
This cd will be the first of all Mr. Nevue's music that we will obtain. It is serene and calming after a hard day. This beautiful music may be compared to George Winston's music. However, I notice that Mr. Nevue's playing touch is intentional but not so pressured as others. This gentle style differentiates his cd as it promotes what we all need...peace.

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