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To all my friends and followers...

Just a quick reminder about the music video contest I'm running. If you like making videos for YouTube, and if you like my music, you can combine the two and possibly win a collection of signed CDs and free sheet music! It can be as simple as recording and uploading a video of you (or a family member) playing my songs on the piano! Here are the contest details...

Music Video Contest!
I'd like to get more videos featuring my music up on YouTube, and I know many of you LOVE making music videos. So... to encourage fans like yourself to make and uploads videos that feature my music, I'm running a contest!

If you win, I'll send you your choice of any TEN of my CDs, SIGNED by me (if you want them signed), PLUS your choice of any TEN downloads of my sheet music (or one of my songbooks if you prefer), PLUS I may feature your video in my newsletter and/or Facebook/Twitter posts (even if your not a winner!).

There will be up to FOUR Winners!
1) Best Use of Photos/Still Images. Use your favorite photos, arrange them into a theme that matches the song you're using. (example1, example2)
2) The Most Artistic/Creative Video. Pretty much open to anything. Lots of liberty here, including use of images/video/dialog... anything that has an artistic bent to it and is more than just still images. Be creative! (example1, example2, example3
3) The Best Musical Performance. This mean YOU performing my song (or with my song if you play an instrument other than piano) and putting it up on YouTube for the world (and me) to see! (example1, example2, example3). I may select multiple winners here, depending on the number of submissions I get.
4) The Most Views! Purely based on views... promote your video any way you want, share it with friends... the video with the most views at the end of the contest wins!

Here's What to Do...

1) Create a video that features any of my recorded music. It can be any song you like... from any of my albums... so long as my music is part of the video. Don't know how to create videos or add music to a video? Here are some online tips for PC and Mac. Lots of info out there on Google...

2) Upload the video to your YouTube account and make it public. Make sure you include both my name and the song title in the video itself, as well as in the video title and in the video description! That's important!

3) Send an email to me at with a link to the video so I can log that as an official contest entry. You MUST send an email with a link to the video and note that it's an entry for me to include the video in the contest. I'll reply to your entry to acknowledge receipt of it.

4) You may get a notice from YouTube letting you know your music is using copyrighted material... If you do, it's OK... that's supposed to happen. Simply click on the "acknowledge" button in YouTube when you get this notice. It's fine, and you have my permission to use the music.  

Official Rules:

1) The video must be posted to YouTube on or after June 1st, 2014. I won't be including already existing videos in the contest. My objective is to have MORE videos on YouTube that feature my music. So only videos posted on or after June 1st will be considered.

2) You can use my music however you like, but please keep the subject matter of the video family-friendly. I'm not going to give an award to videos that I wouldn't want my kids to watch. :)

3) I'll give you until the end of summer... the deadline is August 31st! I'll be naming the winners in September.

4) I have no idea what kind of response I'll get to this. If I don't get many contest entries in one particular category, I may fold that category into another category. So the categories and the number of winners may change. The same person cannot win in two categories... so you can only "win" once, though you can submit multiple times!

Any questions? Send an email to me at or reply to this email.    

David Nevue
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